Scenes from Morocco Desert

The expanse of the Morocco Desert desolate tract which stretches throughout Morocco is divided into two principal regions; the erg (dunes) chebbi and the erg Erg Chigaga dunes. each provide the spectacle of rolling, velvet sand dunes for as some distance as the eye can see, with the mountains of algeria as a backdrop when looking east. whether or not you make a decision to visit the chigaga or the chebbi dunes, you will experience stunning camel treks, serene sunsets treks and stunning big name lit nights, but each place had it’s very own unique appeal.

days from marrakech to desert,Desert Morocco, night in Desert

It can also be assured that your journey from the imperial cities of Fez or Marrakesh will take you through sizeable adjustments in panorama earlier than you hit the dunes themselves; over mountains, barren rocky plateaus and plush oasis valleys. the direction from fez to merzouga will take you over the green and fertile center atlas mountains and along the ziz valley palmeries, at the same time as Marrakesh to Erg Chigaga dunes will take you over the excessive atlas and via the draa valley palmeries.

days from marrakech to desert,Desert Morocco, night in Desert

The erg chebbi area

Is extra effortlessly accessed, with well constructed roads taking you proper up to the face of the dunes. it sees expanded tourism as a result. a quick walk from the historical trans-saharan caravan-route town of merzouga, and also you’ll find your self definitely immersed by way of the chebbi dunes. the chebbi region has the tallest dunes in morocco, that is another cause why it’s the most famous preference, and its perspectives of mountains in algeria are pretty dramatic.

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The Erg Chigaga dunes

Can only be accessed by a camel trek or a 4WD vehicle, making it less visited, more remote, and wild – as nature intended. Even though its dunes aren’t as tall as chebbi’s, it’s expanse of rolling dunes into the space and the wild shrubbery on the fringes give it a more rustic, wasteland safari sense. Here you will see nomads casually going about the day and may even get to see a nomadic school camp, a travelling school for nomadic children, depending on if one is in the region.

days from marrakech to desert,Desert Morocco, night in Desert

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