New Year’s Eve in Desert

New Year’s Eve in Desert is a great opportunity to reflect on everything that has happened in the last twelve months and wait for the coming year. Consider New Year’s Eve in the Sahara Desert for a truly unique and unforgettable celebration. A world away from fireworks festivals and crowded fireworks parties, Our New Year’s Eve Packages offer a unique opportunity to revel in the starry splendor of the world’s largest hot desert. In this most spiritual place, you will be free to meditate on your hopes and your past and future wishes, while enjoying a dazzling light show offered by nature itself.

At Desert Espace, we have created incredible tours in the Moroccan desert, just for New Year’s Eve in the desert. Whether traveling as a couple, group of friends or family, the New Year’s Eve in Desert will be a unique and inspiring experience. Our packages include authentic boutique accommodation in a traditional desert tent, including a toilet and shower, mattresses, sheets and plenty of blankets – ideal for snuggling under the stars.

The time stops, the weather calms down, and the silence spreads out in the desert ! its not the calm that comes before the storm, but it’s the the silence of the dunes before starting the spectacular night of the New Year’s Eve between the arms of the vast desert. The night in witch the light of the camp fire and the stars are fighting the darkness of the Sahara while the music of the drums, castanets and guitars is saying loudly that its not a normal night pushing at the same time all the friends and couples to the square of dancing.

You will receive a traditional Moroccan green tea flavored with mint, and offered delicious biscuits and dates palms to perk you up for the party ahead. We offer complete catering for our New Year desert trip, including a four-course dinner consisting of Soup, Salad, Tagine and Couscous (a vegetarian option is available) and a dessert…

Depending on our guests’ needs, we can also make this astounding celebration an extension of your evening desert tours, where in you can take to the endless stretches of dunes, with an adventurous ride in a 4×4 vehicle. If you wish to give an exotic twist to your New Year’s Eve in Desert, We suggest you Here some Tours which can let you spend your New Year’s Eve in Desert.

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  1. Hi, my friend and I are in Marrakesh from 28 December. We’d like to do NYE party in Sahara (31-1) but need to be back at Marrakesh airport at 1030am 1 December. Do you have any suitable tours ?

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