Your Ultimate Guide to Traveling in Morocco

Morocco is a truly amazing destination with a unique culture, history and many places to explore! From Kasbahs (fortresses) to the Sahara Desert, there is nothing that you would not be amazed and intrigued by this country. Many Moroccans I met were incredibly kind, friendly and hospitable! Not to mention the breathtaking locations and the low cost of living. If you are planning to visit someday, here are some tips for traveling in Morocco.

1. Morocco is an affordable travel destination. Despite the increasing number of tourists in the last few years, it is still a relatively cheap place to visit. You can still find affordable accommodation located around the city center and eat on the cheap.

2. Be ready to bargain. Depending on what you buy, some goods in the street and local markets can be high but it’s perfectly acceptable to haggle for the best prices possible.

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3. If you’re looking to go on trips such as the Sahara Desert, it’s not necessary to book in advance because there are travel agencies everywhere that offer such tours. Sometimes, you may even find better deals in person than you do online.

4. Learn a few phrases in Arabic (or French). They are the main languages of instruction in Morocco. Given the increasing number of tourists there, you should be fine with using English. However, knowing some key words and phrases in Arabic (and French) can come in handy when you are interacting with the locals, especially in the rural areas.

5. As a Muslim country, Morocco is still bound by religious traditions and norms on how to act and behave in society. Although it is one of the more progressive Muslim countries (especially when it comes to the status of women) and more tolerant of tourists, dressing modestly is for your own safety and can save you unnecessary attention and trouble. Also, don’t be fancily dressed up if possible. It could risk attracting attention from pickpockets and faux (false) guides.

Check out this Guide to Traveling in Morocco for planning your trip to and visiting Morocco!

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