9 Days Tour from Casablanca around Morocco

The best things to do and see in the cultural capital of Morocco Fez

The big Moroccan cities have an extremely rich history, a past that appeals to all generations, but also a cosmopolitan life that attracts more and more tourists. Very often described as the cultural capital of Morocco, the city of Fez charms with its architectural heritage, historical and intellectual. The city is full

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Traveling to South Morocco,3 days from marrakech to desert

Traveling to South Morocco

Most tourists traveling to South Morocco will visit only the main crowded and chaotic tourist centers of Marrakech, Fez and Rabat and only a small percentage of them will venture beyond the Atlas to discover the rural areas. Traveling south of the Atlas allows you to discover the real authentic Morocco, where

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Desert espace,night in desert,3 days from marrakech to desert

Adventure Holidays in Morocco

Adventure Holidays in Morocco are designed to meet your needs and ranges from very adventurous to moderate. In Morocco, travelers can discover another dimension of the journey. Our carefully chosen holiday itineraries in Morocco cover a variety of unique and incomparable historical sites, activities and travel experiences. Some of the best adventure holidays in Morocco, are

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Desert Sahara Espace

The Deserts of Morocco  

The Deserts of Morocco,when we talk about Desert, we have in mind images of huge sand dunes, as far as the eye can see, mirages, perhaps, and "nothing". These large colored dunes are found little in Morocco. There are only two ergs, the famous Erg Chebbi, next to Merzouga, and Erg Chigaga, further south,

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travel agency Marrakech Desert Morocco,3 days from marrakech to desert

Morocco Camel Trekking & Night in the Desert

Morocco Camel Trekking & Night in the Desert, really is the highlight of any trip to this fascinating North African country. Not only will you experience the immensity of the Sahara, and possibly the most beautiful sunrise in history, but you will also get a taste of the local nomadic culture at

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days from marrakech to desert,Camel Trekking in the Moroccan Sahara,9 Days Tour from Casablanca around Morocco

Camel Trekking in the Moroccan Sahara: The Adventure of a Lifetime

Imagine sitting on the top of a camel, walking through the Sahara desert like the caravans of yesteryear. Silence surrounds you, since the only sound is that of the cloven feet of the camels that run along the soft sand. No matter where you look, endless stretches of sand confront you. Far from the

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