If you have children, it is likely that you want them to be well educated, not only from books, but also from experiences. Traveling with your children is a way for them to become well-rounded citizens of the world. Visiting new places, eating new foods, discovering new cultures, and meeting new people

Often located near watercourses, and usually some distance from residential quarters because of the unpleasant odours that they produced, tanneries made a substantial contribution to a city’s economy. Tanning is a craft with traditions that go back thousands of years. The process turns animal hides into soft, rot-proof leather. Once tanned, the

New Year’s Eve in Desert is a great opportunity to reflect on everything that has happened in the last twelve months and wait for the coming year. Consider New Year's Eve in the Sahara Desert for a truly unique and unforgettable celebration. A world away from fireworks festivals and crowded fireworks parties,

Moroccan landscape is dramatic, varied and so interesting. While traveling around Morocco you also see the landscape dotted by many Kasbahs. Some of them are still standing in full view and others are in crumbling conditions. Morocco has many amazing historical Kasbahs that are characterized by their beautiful appearance and their history.